2021 Man Of The Year Award

To make a nomination, please download the application form:

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Our email address is: manofyearstl@outlook.com.  Anyone can nominate a candidate for the award, but the applications must be signed by both the nominee and his pastor.

If you have any questions regarding the forms or procedures, please call (314) 477-6000 or email us

Many groups give awards to various organizations and individuals throughout the year, but none appear to be specifically offered to men for their services.   Therefore, St. Joseph Radio initiated a "Catholic Man of the Year" award whereby men from the Archdiocese who have selflessly donated their time and talent to our Church and community will be recognized, with one man being named as Catholic Man of the Year.  

In 2005, St. Joseph Radio hosted the first Man of the Year dinner in Orange, California.  Since then, they have held a dinner every year, and in 2016, they started Man of the Year in St. Louis.   

The Catholic Man of the Year will be an individual of integrity who lives out his faith by sharing his time and talent for the good of others.  Nominations for this distinguished award will be provided by individuals, parishes, and other Catholic organizations, providing the opportunity to recognize men who exemplify the quiet, dedicated spirit of St. Joseph. 

Even though only one man will be named "Catholic Man of the Year,”  or "Catholic Woman of the Year," all nominees will be recognized at the dinner and further honored by having fellow parishioners and other friends in attendance. Each nominee will receive a complimentary dinner.

We are grateful for this opportunity to help recognize men in the St. Louis Archdiocese for their time and dedication. Based on our experience, this recognition further encourages these men and other men in their service to the Church and community.


CMOTY CA winner 2018