Join the 1500 Club

Join the SJEN 1500 Club!

The goal of the 1500 Club is not to seek donations of $1500, but rather continual monthly donations of $5, $10, or $15 by people from all walks of life.  We hope that the Holy Spirit will touch the hearts of 1500+ people to join our club.

With your donation, you are helping SJEN to continue the mission of evangelization.  In the past few years, we have expanded to include not only radio, but also television, podcast, a new recording studio in California, and online education.  We now have a chapel at our St. Charles, Missouri, location - and we recently moved to a new building!  

All of this is possible because of the generousity of our volunteers and donors.  We cannot continue this mission without you.  Unfortunately, financial need often holds back our growing ministry, so we pray that our friends will respond to God's call to give.

Our friends in the 1500 Club will be included in our daily prayers and Holy Mass intentions.  To join, please call our office at (636) 447-6000 or fill out this brochure and return to our St. Charles office, 1985 Bluestone Dr Suite 101, St. Charles, MO 63033.

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God bless our generous donors!