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Title Author Publisher Price Copyright Date Category CD - DVD - Book Set Qty Location Notes
 A Morning with Mary, Mother of Priests Msgr. Matthew Mitas I.H.S.   2018 Mary CD 1   Your Mother and Your Brothers are here Mt 13:46-51
A Spiritual Retreat Fr. James Mason I.H.S. 20.00 2007 Teaching CD 3 Broom Tree Conf Ctr/CA Return Prodigal Son, Homiles, Suffering
Door to Door Family & Friends Evangelization Moments   I.H.S.   2020   DVD 2    
Francis Woke Up Early Josephine Nabisso I.H.S.   2020 Teaching DVD 1   Wild she-wolf threatening his town.
Healing of Memories John LaBriola I.H.S. 10.00 2014 Teaching CD 2    
Heaven, Hell & Purgatory Fr. James Kubicki, S.J. I.H.S. 30.00 2013 Teaching DVD 3   Apostles of Prayer
Holy Shock Rosalind Moss I.H.S.   2013 Conversion CD 1   Jewish Woman's Journey to Catholism
How to be a Real Man in Christ Fr. Roger Landry I.H.S.   2018 Men CD 1    
Lenten Journey with Jesus Rev. David Meconi, S.J. I.H.S.   2018 Lent CD 3 St. Clement of Rome God Love, Christ's Life, Gifts of Holy Spirit
Mary in Scripture Tim Staples I.H.S.   1996 Teaching CD 4    
Mary: The New Eve & Mother of the Saints Rosalind Moss I.H.S.   2009 Teaching CD 2    
My Journey Home Marcus Grodi I.H.S. 8.00 2011 Conversion - 1   Conversion 
Onward Catholic Soldier John LaBriola I.H.S. 15.00 2011 Spiriitual Warefare DVD 2    
Parish Mission Fr. William Casey, C.P.M I.H.S.   2011 Teaching DVD 5    
Purgatory Fr. Anthony Gramlich M.I.C. I.H.S.   2012 Purgatory CD 5    
Purgatory Holy Souls or Poor Souls? Fr. Anthony Gramlich, M.I.C. I.H.S. 30.00 2012 Purgatory Teaching CD 6    
Queen of Heaven & Earth Titles of Mary Msgr. Eugene Morris I.H.S. 8.00 2013 Teaching CD 1   Mary
Take It to the Queen Josephine Nabisso I.H.S.   2008 Teaching DVD 1   A tale of hope.
The Best Is Yet To Come Fr. Rick Arkfeld I.H.S. 12.00 2021 Teaching CD 2   Inspiration - He passed in 1996
The Biblical Apologetics Course Tim Staples I.H.S.   1996 Teaching CD 12   Apologetics Course
The Conversion Story of Former Satanist Zachary King I.H.S.   2019 Conversion DVD 1   Conversion thru Mary
The FORT-Formula Anti-Alzheimer Exercise Prgrm Vincent M. Fortanasce M.D. I.H.S.   2017 Medical DVD 1   Exercise Program
The Holy Eucharist Fr.Andrew Apostoli, C.F.R. I.H.S. 25.00 2013 Teaching DVD 3    
The Mystey of the Eucharist Fr. James Kubicki I.H.S.   2012 Eucharist DVD 3   Eucharist
The Philosophy of Apologetics Tim Staples I.H.S.   2011 Teaching CD 13   Find yor way home
The Spiritual Exercises of     St. Ignatius Loyola Presented by Fr. Ed Broom, OMV I.H.S. 50.00 2015 Teaching CD 20 Boston, MA Deepen your communion with the Three Divine Persons
The Weight of a Mass Katalin Szegedi I.H.S.   2020 Mass DVD 1   A tale of faith
Unleashed Sonja Corbitt I.H.S.   2015 Scripture DVD 4   Catholic Woman's Walk with Scripture
What Every American Needs to Know About the Qur'an William Federer I.H.S. 15.00 2018 Teaching CD 2   History of the World
What is a Catholic Mass? Msgr. Matthew Mitas I.H.S.   2018 Mass DVD 1    
What's Love Got todo with It? Dr. Brian Gosser I.H.S.   2013 Teaching CD 2    
Women: Guradians of Purity Dr. Alice vonHildebrand I.H.S.   2020 Women  CD 1